Enabling companies to deploy Wellbeing and intrinsic values as a lens for strategic innovation

When you see the likes of Sir Richard Branson, Paul Polman, Ratan Tata, and Jochen Zeitz call for a re-focus of business towards wellbeing you know that change is afoot. Wellbeing? It all sounds a bit fluffy for hard-core business leaders doesn’t it?

So what might these B Team leaders mean when they launch with a headline commitment for their companies to help create a world where “Business is used as a primary driver of holistic wellbeing, adding social value through evolving business models.” And what might Paul Polman’s company, Unilever, mean when its Sustainable Living Plan commits to “improve the wellbeing of one billion people” by 2020?

Why is it that ‘wellbeing’, and the shift in brand conversations towards intrinsic, citizen-centric values, is being seen as the next frontier of corporate responsibility and sustainable development? How would one even begin to understand wellbeing and intrinsic values, let alone find ways to evolve business models, products and services to better satisfy customer and society wellbeing-needs?

The Jericho Chambers WellbeingNeedfinding programmes help answer these questions and unlock the creative opportunities that lie in using wellbeing as a lens for strategic innovation. The programmes help companies understand wellbeing as a lens for strategic innovation and then to map, measure, manage and maximise the wellbeing-needs satisfaction their products, services and brands provide.

We offer a number of different ways for companies to incorporate a WellbeingNeedfinding perspective into their systems, including:

  • Wellbeing immersion and exploration sessions – getting senior executives up to speed with wellbeing and intrinsic values as a lens for strategic innovation.
  • Wellbeing-mapping services – a detailed wellbeing-mapping process that shows how the company or business group, and their mission and challenges, relate to a landscape of wellbeing needs and satisfiers.
  • WellbeingNeedfinding strategic innovation processes – deep-dives on business units or specific products and services to optimise their ability to satisfy customer wellbeing needs or to entirely new wellbeing focused products and services.

WellbeingNeedfinding is curated by Jules Peck, Founding Member of Jericho Chambers. You may be interested to read this Huffington Post piece on WellbeingNeedfinding on the shift to wellbeing-enhancing intrinsic values in brand sustainability campaigns.

For further information, please mail jules.peck@jerichochambers.com or clerks@jerichochambers.com.