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George Pitcher

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George is Chairman of Jericho Chambers. He was an award-winning Industrial Editor of The Observer and more recently Religion Editor of the Daily Telegraph and a former Secretary of Public Affairs to Archbishop Rowan Williams. His books include The Death of Spin (2003). He is also ordained as an Anglican priest in the Church of England and serves his non-stipendiary ministry in the Dioceses of Chichester and London. He co-founded the innovative communications consultancy Luther Pendragon in 1992. George developed a practical concept of public ethics while writing columns and leaders for the Daily Telegraph in the wake of the 2008 banking crisis.

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Email: george.pitcher@jerichochambers.com

Phone: +44 (0)207 253 6616

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Burn them All Revolutionary Times

Thoughts of Chairman George Pitcher

The truth is I fell out of love with corporate consultancy a little over a decade ago. I simply couldn’t sit across walnut tables...

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George Pitcher on ITV Tonight

George Pitcher recently appeared on ITV Tonight

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Jericho chairman joins International Business Times

IBT Media has appointed George Pitcher to be Editor in Chief of the International Business Times’ UK edition.

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Poverty, it’s the economy, stupid.

There still persists in many more than four quarters the notion that impact investment is about a commitment of assets

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